What are The Pros and Cons of Virtual Meetings?

With technological advances in communication applications, some feel that face-to-face meetings are still most beneficial for certain situations within an organization.  Online events and online sales training spark a great debate for many.  Depending on whom you ask and what products or services they offer, here are a few of the pros and cons that I’ve heard:


  • Cost savings can be anywhere from 50%-80% for a company that hosts virtual meetings.  Employees who have to travel have the convenience of saving time and can easily communicate with team members by way of virtual conferencing.
  • Increased productivity among team members.  Employees have more time to provide valuable input by lessening time spent on coordinating logistics for a meeting.  Finding meeting space, catering breakfast or lunch, and setting up audio/visual equipment are all eliminated.



  • In a world of multi-tasking, some people have a shorter attention span than others.  Some manager’s major concern is team members may not be fully engaged in the meeting and may miss vital information being shared.
  •  In a sales environment, face-to-face meetings are the lifeline to some organizations.  Building rapport and confidence with customers is often a very tactile experience in sales.

Weigh in on this topic and tell us what some of your pros and cons are.

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Attention Entrepreneurs – Build Your Brand!

Attention Entrepreneurs – Build Your Brand!


As a business owner, understanding who you are as a company is the core of building a brand. Before you send out your first Tweet or post your first promotion on FaceBook – be certain that you determined what differentiates your product or services from the competition. What is your unique selling proposition? Knowing your company strengths gives your brand depth.

What value or added value does your business bring to your prospects or existing customers? Value or added value give your products or services weight – weight to push your business ahead of the competition. The edge of added value get you noticed and get consumers or customers talking.

Are you passionate about your business and committed to fulfilling a need? Go above and beyond traditional service. Show your customers how much you value them. Customers need to know that they are valued. Not just by offering a superior product over the competition, but showing customers how much you appreciate their business shows your commitment to provide the best product or service.

The Age of Customer Experience

The Age of Customer Experience

Forrester Research published several reports on “Customer Experience”, everything from digital customer experience platforms to hiring the right customer experience team. The emphasis of these reports is to know where your customers are and knowing how to provide the best experience for them. Engaging consumers, customers, and prospects through interactive platforms drives business like never before since the pace of technological change is moving at the speed of light. The way that people communicate is almost completely digitally driven. For this reason an innovative approach to customer experience strategy has become so valuable.

You Want to Compete – Have a Customer Experience Strategy
An innovative approach to customer experience, strategy has become a valuable component of the business plan. With so many of the customer touch-points being digitally focused, understanding how various social media venues fit together is extremely important. Most businesses have experimented at some level with social media with moderate success. However, without definitive measurement metrics in place, many companies did not understand the power of the platform they used.

1. Incorporate your corporate social media strategy into your marketing budget.

2. Know how your customers want you to engage them.

3. Devise a long term and short term strategy.

4. Stay connected – provide services that enhance your original product.

5. Analyze data – invest in real time data and use this customer data to gain insight on how to better serve your customers.

Marketing Trends for 2014

Marketing Trends for 2014

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Content on Social Media

The buzz word in content marketing is “small” as in short, concise messages.  Social media like Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram video and the newer platform Snapchat offer engagement through brief snippets of information.  What does this mean for businesses and brands?  It’s the perfect opportunity to create an exciting and fun buzz about your latest marketing initiative.

Taco Bell turned its social media presence into an evangelical outreach of sorts where consumers took Taco Bell’s fun and hip rants to the top by re-tweeting their promotions.  The result was a $100 million in sales the 1st ten weeks of the promotion of Doritos Locos Tacos!

Twitter  – Users Has Surpassed Facebook

According to SocialMediaToday.com – as of fall 2013, Twitter users are up and should continue to soar past Facebook users in 2014. Many brands already use Twitter, in particular in the travel & hospitality vertical, i.e. airlines, hotels, destinations, etc.  Having more users join this social media should consolidate Twitter as a great customer service platform, not to mention lead generation and R&D. http://socialmediatoday.com/gonzogonzo/1884651/5-social-media-marketing-trends-2014
Be Mobile Friendly

With more and more consumers using multi-devices to engage, search and connect, companies need to create an alternative mobile version of their website.  If brands don’t want to loose customers to the competition who already adopted to this trend, it’s important to make the shift and provide a positive experience to customers who are browsing via their mobile or tablet device.

Customer Reviews

Yelp are Google Places for Business are some of the heavy hitters in the customer/consumer review atmosphere.  Take time to claim you business on their site.  Study’s state, that almost 90% of customers consult a review site before making a purchase. Reviews – positive or negative – also have a significant impact on a website’s organic search rankings.

Videos beyond Viral

Videos will continue to intensify in the tool box of marketers.  We will see a rise in applications such as Vine and Instagram, with its 15-seconds video capabilities complete with filters and integration within Facebook.  Videos along with podcast and blogs are identified as strong marketing trends.  Short videos are quick, inexpensive and efficient ways for a brand to tell their story. Study’s also show that videos have a significant impact on a website’s organic search rankings.

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